"Films can be much more than entertainment. At their best, they reach an audience with stories on a personal level and change perception. Our company seeks to be a part of films that make a positive difference in peoples lives. These are the films that truly have Merit."

--- Louis J Wilson

Merit Pictures, LLC was formed to develop and produce independent film projects of exceptional artistic quality.

Few artistic endeavors require as much collaboration as filmmaking. Our films acquire the qualities reflective of the many talents of all the artists and professionals in the process. By combining the talents of writers, producers, directors, and other professionals and by nurturing collaboration for mutual benefit, we will successfully overcome the enormous challenges that face independent filmmaking today.

Our goal is to unite talent in both the art and business of cinema as well as to foster collaboration for the production of compelling stories told beautifully on screen.

"It's been an honor to have worked with Louis. When he sets out to achieve a goal... he reaches and surpasses it." - Brett Hart - Award Winning Creative Director of Skyline Media, Director of Bone Dry